Are slots a form of meditation

Excuse me for a moment while I go all funky and New Age on you, but the news in intriguing. We’ve all heard for years that mediation is good for you. Well, if you haven’t heard, you’re hearing it now. Meditation can help calm you down, lower your blood pressure and potentially lead to spiritual enlightenment. That last part may […]

Are Progressive Slots a Good Deal?

If you are new to casinos, both brick and mortar casinos and online, you might not know the difference between traditional UK slots and progressive UK slots. The progressive games certainly sound better, with their higher jackpots, but are they a good deal? Sometimes they are. Sometimes they are not. It depends on your situation and what you are looking […]

How to make your life totally Zen!

Want to lead a simple and stress-free life?  Well before you do please check out the ‘How Zen are you Quiz’ and find out how Zen you are! People who lead a Zen life typically follow these essential rules but if you want an injection of more Zen in your life or equally give a bit Zen advice to family […]

Top 5 Fairytale Slot Games – Tried And Tested

There are lots of popular themes in the world of online slots – and fairytale-based games are definitely a firm favourite amongst slot fans.  As such, there are lots of them out there, featuring in the games library of just about every online casino. But with so many to choose from, we’ve decided to focus on only the best, whittling […]

Top 5 Casino Books to Help You Beat the House!

Whether you are a regular at brick-and-mortar casinos or you prefer the online world, luck will only get you so far in gambling. Want to enter the league of the greatest casino gamblers? You’ll need to do your homework. Thankfully, the gambling world is full of acclaimed authors who offer some of the best advice and strategies to their readers – […]

9 of the Most Popular Superhero Slots

Superhero-themed video slots are usually based on Marvel and DC Comics characters that had a towering influence over entertainment worldwide. Some of the largest online casino software providers managed to get their hands on massive contracts with the biggest names in the comic book industry. Superheroes became a huge inspiration for slot developers and there is no doubt that these […]

Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Your Online Casino Escapades

The Internet has brought many fun inventions to our attention, with online casinos and poker rooms among the most popular sources of entertainment. Use the short tips and tricks listed below for the ultimate fun and profitable online gambling experience. Choose a Reputable Online Casino – Don’t make any real money deposits if you are not sure about the casino’s […]

Making Sure You Play at The Best Online Casino Sites

If you love casino gaming as much as we do and everybody else who are playing does, then we believe that there must be a choice for everyone who wants to sit down and spend time at an online casino! And the new good news is: there is! Whether you are in the UK, Europe or Canada, we believe that […]

Multi Table Tournaments: Typical Beginner Mistakes

Quite a lot of people who have never played real poker let themselves get fooled by the illusions of the gameplay that they see in the movies. You can see four of a kind being well beaten by a royal flush, a brave movie character bluffing their enemies and opponents at the table. Yes, this looks fairly attractive, but it’s […]

Play Live Casino Today

For an online casino experience that’s a little different and extra thrilling, try variety of live casino games and enjoy the very best in modern online entertainment. Using the skills and knowledge of a real professional dealer, live-streamed direct to your computer in real time, this is the most engaging and sociable casino experience you will find on the internet. […]