With the bingo industry booming at an all time high, it can be a difficult task for customers to actually decide upon a site to play at.

In all there are well over 300 sites on the market, most of them offer pretty much the same product, sometimes with a deal that is precisely the same as 50 other sites.

We find ourselves in a situation now where as a result of low start up costs for site owners and the ease at which a networked site can be launched, many new sites are being churned out each month with very little thought put into them.

With the sea of bingo sites ever deepening, it’s easy to understand why some players may feel as though they’re drowning, that’s why we’ve created this list of 5 things that players need to look for when searching for their uk bingo site.

  1. No Deposit Offers

Finding a site that offers a deposit free bingo is a massive plus point. Essentially it means you’re able to sign up and test the games without spending any of your own money. Whether or not you’ll actually be able to withdraw your winnings from this free cash is another question, but at least you’ll have a good opportunity to have a snoop around the site.

  1. Free Bingo

Whilst this is often a lot better than what it says on the tin, free bingo at the very least should give you an opportunity to test out the bingo a site offers without spending any money. Since a lot of sites don’t really provide free bingo at all, unless you spend on other games etc, it’s well worth reading reviews of finding the terms of the free bingo on offer.


  1. The Software

This may not stand out as being one of the most essential things to check, but if you’re going to really enjoy playing at a site it must have great software. This software does a great job at making the bingo game simple and easy to use, whereas other software manufacturers such as Cozy Games, have a tendency to be a little less user friendly.

  1. Is the site licensed?

In the UK all sites that operate legally are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. In order to be on the list of licensees, an operator must pass a whole range of different testing procedures and adhere to a whole bunch of regulations.

The main reason why from a player’s point of view this license is important is for your protection. If anything untoward happens whilst playing the commission will investigate your complaint. The mere threat of a complaint will make most operators behave!

  1. The Withdrawal Terms

All of the terms and conditions at a bingo site are important and really you should get into the habit of reading them all.

However, if one term were to be more important than all the rest it would have to be the ‘Withdrawal terms’. These terms can vary hugely from site to site, they stipulate what conditions you need to meet in order to be able to process a withdrawal, it can be extremely frustrating to win some money and then find you can’t cash it out because you have not met certain criteria.

So there you have it, 5 key points to check against any new bingo site that you find.

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