Excuse me for a moment while I go all funky and New Age on you, but the news in intriguing. We’ve all heard for years that mediation is good for you. Well, if you haven’t heard, you’re hearing it now. Meditation can help calm you down, lower your blood pressure and potentially lead to spiritual enlightenment. That last part may depend on how you meditate. Anyone up for an experiment?

See, a clinical professor of psychiatry has done a study that shows playing slot machines in a land based casino or a mobile casino is a form of meditation. Or at least that players enter into a meditative state when playing the games. Yes, there’s science behind this. It seems that when we play slots, our brain releases dopamine and natural drug that creates that meditative sense of oneness with everything.  Or at least oneness with the slot machines.

This, the psychiatrist says, explains why people enjoying playing slot games even when they lose. The very act of playing makes us feel good. Oh, winning will make us feel even better, but even when we lose; we’re actually getting a good body response just by watching the reels spin. This also goes a long way toward explaining why we like loose slots — those games that don’t pay out big but feed us enough money to keep playing. Those slot games help us extend that great feeling we get from playing.

So, all this has me wondering if it’s possible to obtain spiritual enlightenment by playing slot games. I could start my own religion, or at least a cult. I could build a casino and install a bunch of slot machines and declare it to be a church. And playing slots a form of prayer. Oh, sure, you think I’m being silly, but I bet I’d see you in “church” every Sunday if I really did that.

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