Video poker is an excellent choice in terms of casino games because of its less-than-favorable House edge. By using certain strategies, you can knock the House’s edge down to one-half of a percent. Learn more about what to do and what to avoid in order to increase your chances of winning.

Play Full Pay

The particular poker machine will determine the payout odds. Only play on video poker machines that offer a minimum of 9-1 payout for full houses and 6-1 for flushes. These 9/6, or full play, poker machines pay approximately 99 percent of the money collected by players.

Use Maximum Number of Coins

Your payout will greatly increased if you use the maximum number of coins per play. Plus, it is impossible to get the progressive jackpot without playing the full amount.

Know the Machine

There is a huge variety of video poker machines. The ones that give bonuses for getting certain hands are among the worst in terms of payout odds. Know what you are getting into before investing your money.

Do Not Split a Winning Hand

Hold onto your pairs instead of going after flushes. The House’s edge will be seriously increased if you split a winning hand by breaking up pairs, especially high ones.

Know When to Stop

You will enjoy video poker more if you have a set amount you are willing to spend in one gambling session. Each amount spent per session should only be a small portion of your total bankroll.

Understand the Risks

Remember that it is nearly impossible to make a full-time living with video poker because the winning edge is definitely in the casino’s favor. In the long run, you will most likely break even.

Utilize Bonuses and Comps

Even though video poker is not a get-rich quick gambling game, the right strategy coupled with bonuses and comps can put the odds more towards your favor. Always take advantage of any offered incentives.

Dump Your Entire Hand When Necessary

If you are holding five cards and you have no chance at getting a flush or straight or none of the cards are high, start over. The chances of you winning are greater if you have five new cards instead of 2-3 random cards, especially in Deuces Wild.

Never Leave Your Jackpot Unattended

Under no circumstances should you leave your video poker machine unattended if you win the jackpot. Stay with the machine until a casino staff member verifies your winnings.

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