Vietnam has taken progressive steps in recent years to accommodate gambling. They are not on the same level as many of their Asian brethren yet but there is hope for the future. Like most legislation and attitude changes, these things take time and can’t be changed in a day. The rules are still strict but society seems to be softening with polls suggesting a less dim view of gambling as they did a few decades ago.

Gambling Laws in Vietnam

Whilst there is hope for the future, most gambling activities are banned by law. The lottery is really the only form that is permitted, after being legalized in the late 1990s.
As with many prohibitions, people will find ways to gambling and online gambling is still popular among Vietnamese with many playing at an online casino, enjoying their favourite slots, 3king or blackjack games.

Many Vietnamese get around the laws by travelling to nearby countries with places like Laos and Cambodia taking a different stance on gambling. For some, this is not possible and its case of don’t gamble or find a way to do so online. Research shows that people in countries where they can’t gamble legally will use software like VPN to bypass the laws.

The minor offences for social gambling are not a huge deterrent as you get a small fine. This is the considered a similar crime to politics blogging online or sharing religious content. You may also get a non-custodial reform where you report to authorities. Needless to say, the punishments get more severe, the more you gamble.

Future of Vietnamese Gambling

Online gambling may not be allowed yet but the live casino play is starting to gain in popularity.  There are currently several large casinos underway, offering locals the opportunity to gamble in brick and mortar casinos. Sports betting was legalized a few years ago. Be careful though, there are some strict measures in place concerning minimum and maximum bets per day. You must be at least 21 years old and demonstrate a certain level of monthly income. They also need a clean criminal record and permission from their family. Pretty strict, but small steps.

It’s hard to predict to what the future holds for gambling in Vietnam. I hope they will relax the regulations and grant citizens more freedom to gamble. For a country that has shown strides in economic growth, the gambling industry could be a huge untapped marketplace which would see Vietnam really put itself on the map.

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