The amount of casino games around lately is mind boggling. In an industry that was already growing, Covid-19 and lockdowns around the world have pushed online casinos even more. The online casinos are developing more games than one can imagine.

How Many Slots Games?

A quick search on the major gambling websites, show hundreds of slots variants. A few decades ago, there might be a dozen? Now, there are slots based on fantasy, sports, tv shows. Whether you’re into Deal or No Deal or American Idol – there will be a slots game for you. To answer the question “how many slots games are there?”, would take us a few weeks probably.

Here’s a list 5 fun TV show-based slot games we found through our research on this article:

  1. Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
  2. Vikings
  3. Family Guy
  4. Street Fighter
  5. Ghostbusters 

What are the Benefits of Lots of Games?

The obvious benefit to offering so many variants of slots is the potential audience. They are bringing potential customers in that otherwise had no interest. Consider the typical viewer of Game of Thrones. They may have no idea about slots or online gambling. Now there’s an online slots game that features it, they may think “cool, let’s give this a try”. Once they’re in, they may stick to that game or move to another way. Either way, it’s another customer for the online casino. It’s very clever marketing as online casinos are reaching millions of customers in an innovative way.

More Games Means More Offers

People love free money, good deals and bargains. As more games are being introduced to the market, there are more offers and deals available too. Online casinos may have the long-term edge, but they are very generous when it comes to bonuses and reeling in new customers. There are some websites dedicating to providing top online casino offers that inform the recreational gambler where to go to get free money. I applaud these sites, as the commitment to staying up to date with what is going on is incredible.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, if you are into gambling and love new things, you will embrace more casino games. If you are a bit stubborn and prefer to play the same game all the time, you’re probably sick of the newer forms coming out. If the casino’s keep introducing the games, it’s because there is a demand for it. When there is demand for a product – they will keep giving.

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