As with all games, there are winners and losers no matter what it is you’re playing but that doesn’t mean you should settle for less when it comes to your options of playing – the truth of it is that there are some games that provide better odds for winning, and others that provide worse, and if you’re looking to explore your best chances of winning at an online casino you should understand which games fall under which bracket. So how can you best maximise your chances of winning at online casinos here?

The good – The number of titles that make it to the category of being good are quite limited, in fact many suggest there is only one game that can truly be considered good for the odds of winning at any casino whether online or offline, and that game is with blackjack. Particularly online, modern options are randomised with every card draw which means your chances of winning are fairly stuck at 50/50 for each draw, and as you’re not competing against other players there is certainly less pressure. As the game with the best odds at the online casino, if you’re looking for a win then blackjack is certainly the best place to start.

The not so great – For the second category, the majority of entries come from games of chance that would typically seem at similar odds of being 50/50 but have a little variation in additional chances within the games too. Games that fit into this category are the likes of craps and roulette, whilst they’re not as great as blackjack for winning odds they’re certainly much better than other titles. Particularly with online options, these aren’t games that require any deal of skill either, so your chances of winning are tied to the randomness of each individual roll.

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The ugly – And there are a number of games that also fit into the worst category for winning odds too, the most prominent is certainly within a big casino favourite in the slot machines. With modern options including additional reels on each spin, odds only go down, but statistically even with the traditional three-reel option your odds of winning are much lower than offered by other games. Certainly, amongst the most favourite of the games, but if you’re looking for options purely for winning, these games will be amongst the worst to play.

It should also be noted that playing casino games simply for winning is never a great idea and fun should always come first, but it’s nice to know whether or not you’re statistically at a better or worse chance with whichever choice you make and should be kept in mind when considering your bets too – there are many ways to maximise your chances of winning, but that may mean abandoning your favourite game for quite some time in order to do so.

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