If you are serious about online gambling, there are things you need to know in order to succeed. Since the house always has an edge, you need to take advantage of whatever you can to improve your chances of making money. One of these ways is making use of casino free bets that are around. This article will look at 4 types of free bet to watch out for.

Free Spins

This is one of the most popular free bets around. Free spins are the number of spins on slots you get. Most online casino websites offer this to entice you in. You have little to no control over the wager. The best free spins are the ones where you do not even need to deposit to take advantage. Some online casinos offer free spins after registration. Registering is easy and usually takes less than 5 minutes. It’s a small price to pay to get the free spins and potential to win money for nothing.

Due to changes in legislation and to remain compliant, you may sometimes see free spins relabelled as “bonus spins” or “extra spins”. This is just a semantic thing to appease regulatory bodies – free spins are very much in existence. Have a look around and take advantage of them.

New Player Welcome Bonus

I’m a huge fan of the welcome bonus. Most casino sites offer some form of bonus when you join. It is the least they can do right? These welcome bonuses can range from match deposit to something like “get £50 free when you wager £10”. Whatever the welcome bonus is, it’s to your advantage and another free bet. Most gambling sites offer casino free betting offers, if yours doesn’t, go elsewhere as you’re missing out!

Refer a Friend

These are less common than some of the other bonuses. To receive a free bet or bonus money, you need to send your friend an email to sign up to said site. Once they register an account and make a bet, you are usually credited with the bonus. It’s a great scheme, particularly if you have lots of friends who are interested in online gambling. This type of free bet is more popular among sportsbook sites than casino but a great one to keep your eye out for. 

Loyalty Schemes and Bonuses

If you are a regular bettor, then you need to know the loyalty rewards scheme your sites offer. Many sites offer casino free bets or bonuses if you wager a certain amount. It’s an awesome way to build up the online bankroll. I recommend being aware of the schemes before wagering. If you keep tally and know how much you bet, then you can manipulate it, so you meet the minimum criteria. This is another incentive that is more common with the sports betting sites but a lot of them have casino games too.  

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