Although hundreds of video poker strategy systems are touted online, there is no single method to ensure success at this gambling game. However, there are two ways you can use almost any strategy, both of which can increase your odds of winning as long as you know how and when to use them.

The following is an example of when sticking with a single strategy will hurt your winning chances. Consider the video poker regulars who always play in hopes of getting a royal flush. These players will throw away hands with a decent payout, such as breaking up full houses and pairs. However, in doing so, they are not taking into account that royal flushes are difficult to get. If you give up plenty of wins with small payouts in hopes of one day getting that huge win, it could take months, or years, to obtain if you are lucky enough to hit it at all.

However, by thinking quick, relying on intuition and learning some statistics, you can play each hand using the strategy for which the hand is best suited. In other words, you must play based on probability. For instance, you can get an instant payout with two aces. But you also have the option of building on the same hand depending on the cards you are dealt. So if you have two aces as well as a 10, a Jack and a King, you only need to get a Queen in order to hit a straight. The better the hand, the bigger the payout. In this case, breaking up your aces in order to try for a Queen is a smart move.

On the other hand, if you have an eight, a nine and a 10, the likelihood of being dealt two cards in order is slim to none. Yes, you can discard the aces and pray you get a straight but your best bet is to keep both of your aces and get rid of the number cards. You can learn all the tricks of the poker game as well as other online casino games on many different online casinos that offer free lessons for cards games.

While the above scenarios are relatively simple in terms of choosing the best suited strategy, you can learn how to play even the most complicated of hands to the best of your ability with a little practice. Even better, it is not necessary to invest real money in order to beat the learning curve. There are quite a few online casinos that have free games with no monetary payout. These freebies should be taken advantage of because they can help you not only increase your playing skills but also learn what strategy fits each scenario.

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