Internet gaming has boomed in popularity in recent years, but despite this there are still many people who feel a little unsure about taking their virginal virtual steps into an online casino. Whether it is because they have misguided beliefs about the security of their information, are scared they will be confused by the technicality of the games on offer or the expertise of their opponents, many people still feel nervous about trying an online casino.

In this article, we seek to dispel some of the myths of online gaming and provide you with five perfect games for any beginner to try that are not only great fun to play and easy to learn but that, with a bit of luck, could win you a few Pounds too!

If an establishment is to become your trusted online casino, then you should expect professionalism; always go for a highly reputable name, a name you are familiar with. The biggest names in bookmaking and gaming now offer online casinos and they are a great place to start as they take every precaution to ensure all your details are stored safely and securely online.

Another thing for a novice to look out for is a free gift for joining. Many of the top companies offer a great sign up bonus for new players once they register and deposit their cash; this can be worth up to £500 in some cases. Ensure you get your welcome pack when you sign up as this will give you additional funds to use in your chosen casino, at no extra cost.

Having found a reputable site, registered and deposited your cash to receive your sign up bonus, the question now is where to start. Listed below are five simple games that are ideally suited to newbie online casino patrons. All offer the possibility to win a bit of cash, but they do come with a guarantee of a great time!

1. 3 reel slot machines

The perfect place for a beginner to start is on the 3 reel slots. Pick a single winning line and enter your stake and click the button to set the reels in motion. No skill required, just good fortune in your favour!

2. Blackjack

Also known as pontoon, in online blackjack you are dealt two cards with the aim of beating the dealer’s score, by scoring exactly or as near to 21 as possible. You can stick (keep the cards you have), or twist (select another card from the pack) to make up your score.

3. Bingo

Eyes down for a full house, if you are a fan of the game of bingo, as many people are, then there are many online variants available of the game. Try 90-ball bingo for the game most commonly played in the UK before trying your hand at the exciting 75-ball game too!

4. Roulette

A quick glance at the roulette table can make any novice player think this game is inordinately complex. In reality, it is exceedingly simple. Back the number(s) or colours you think the ball will land upon on each spin and if the ball lands on your chosen number or colour, you win!

5. 5 reel slot machines

If you feel ready to move on from 3-reel slots, then try the 5 reel slots. More combinations of winning lines means bigger bonuses, especially on the progressive jackpots games. You never know, play for long enough to may be fortunate enough to land the big jackpot one day!

By using a reputable company, getting your welcome bonus and playing any of the simple games above, even a casino novice will soon be enjoying the huge number of games available online. With complete control over how much you spend at all times, playing online casino games has never been easier, safer or as much fun.

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