We all know bingo is a game of chance and luck, it doesn’t require any special knowledge or skill. Bingo simply depends upon the cards you get and how the numbers fall, that’s what common sense tells us anyway. So why is it we have many superstitions and lucky charms we bring with us, whether we are going to the bingo hall or playing bingo online?

As with any activity there are certain superstitions that players attach to bingo, certain ways of unpacking your belongings, sitting in a certain lucky seat or being surrounded by lucky charms. A recent survey has shown that 3 out of 4 bingo players have at least one lucky charm, though whether they would admit it to you is another matter!

The most popular lucky charms seem to be Lucky Elephants as well as the traditional Four Leaf Clover, Rabbits Foot and Wishbone. Find more on these lucky charms variance on mecca! Having said that, any object that a player has upon their person while on a winning streak can then considered to be lucky so don’t be surprised next time you visit a bingo hall and find someone with a lucky tissue or pen!

If you are new to a bingo hall, picking a seat might be a bit more difficult than you think. Once you’ve settled and surrounded yourself with your own lucky charms you might get that tap on the shoulder. If this is the case its best to get up gracefully and go quietly as you are no doubt in someone else’s lucky seat. In these instances it is best to keep going and find your own lucky seat.

While all this sounds like a bit of fun, many people do take their rituals quite seriously as we all do in life. While that morning coffee may not seem like a ritual, how many people believe they cannot function without it? It seems no matter where you look in life there are small rituals so why should these not work for bingo, the biggest game of luck out there.

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