Although some strategies will help you win at Bingo, most of them are not enough to allow for frequent wins. In general, Bingo is a game that involves risk and chance. Regardless, there are some ways you can slightly improve your chances of wining.

Promotion and Bonus Websites

Take advantage of websites that offer promotions and bonuses given upon the first deposit. You can join Bingo forums to find out which websites give these bonuses; however, research several forums to make sure the advice you get is from real players and not people employed by the casinos to market their websites.

Fridays and Saturdays

Fridays and Saturdays are usually the best days to win prizes. So do the majority of your Bingo play on the weekends.


On the other hand, you have a bigger chance of winning on the weekdays because there are less people on Bingo websites. However, the prizes are not as large. If you decide to play on weekdays, the best time of day to play on weekdays is late at night because the prizes are a little bit higher and most people are in bed on a weekday night due to work obligations the next morning.

Buying Multiple Cards

The amount of cards should be bought in relation to the number of players with whom you are directly competing. If there are not a lot of players in a Bingo game, buy a large amount of cards. But if there are many people in a single game, stick to only a few Bingo cards because the investment of card buying is not worth the price since your chance of winning is reduced every time a new player joins.

Changing Cards

Some Bingo websites let you change cards if you do not like the ones you are given. Limit your play to websites that allow you to do this.

Cheap Cards

If you have played Bingo in physical halls but are new to the online version, it is best to play with only a couple of cheap cards until you get over the initial learning curve. Remember that online Bingo works a little bit differently than physical Bingo.

Quit While You Are Behind

Take a break from playing if you find yourself in a losing streak. If you do this each time you get behind, you will limit the amount of money lost.

Ball Counters

Most websites keep track in real time of the amount of balls drawn. So if you see a 42/90 on the screen, this means 42 balls out of 90 balls in total have been drawn. This ratio can help you determine your likelihood of winning. For instance, if you are only one number away from a full house and half of the total balls have been drawn, you still have a good shot at winning.

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