Now that the Internet can be accessed almost anywhere in the world, a great deal of online casinos provide virtually any gambling game invented. In essence, live online roulette is a type of roulette game that is operated by dealers via the Internet. The main aspect that makes live roulette different from online roulette is that the dealers are real people instead of computer software. Before live online roulette was introduced, all Internet-based roulette games were ran by Random Number Generated, or RNG, casinos.

Live roulette can be played via several different methods, such as smartphone casino applications and Internet Web browsers. The majority of live roulette apps are conducted on Java-Flash applications; these apps are compatible with almost any type of computer operating system. If you have a Windows XP or Windows Vista computer, you can enjoy live roulette. Even if you are running a Linux or Mac OSX computer, you can still play.

When playing live roulette, the main idea is to directly interface with the dealer who helps people place their bets and track their game results. The central screen will showcase a live video feed where players can see the roulette dealer in real-time. On some online casinos, players can access a live-sound stream that allows them to not only chat with but also talk to the dealer. In lieu of physically placing a bet, players are presented with a graphic-interface roulette board where bets can be positioned. And just like a physical roulette game, a live online roulette game will have differing table limits.

Currently, there are two variations to the game of roulette: American and European. This rule applies to live online roulette too. The number of off-board green zeros is different in both versions. The American roulette version has two green zeros while the European roulette version has one green zero. For players, this difference means that the American roulette version has less winning odds than the European roulette version. Therefore, the European version is hands-down more popular among gamblers spanning several continents.

The winning odds of any roulette game will be determined by the player’s board bet. In European roulette games, each bet will have 37 possible outcomes. “Straight Up” gives gamblers the highest payout at a ratio of 1-35. The casino has a house edge ratio of 2-37, or 5.4 percent. In other words, the casino will receive 5.4 percent of each bet placed.

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