More and more people are becoming interested in casino games. With more and more casino games being developed and published on casino websites, it’s probably the right time to disclose some important information for the people who still haven’t played but are looking forward to. In this article, we’ll be taking some knowledge from a popular casino blog website and sharing it with you to help know the most important things about online casino games.

There are only a handful of developers

If you weren’t aware, you should be in the know that not a lot of companies have the know-how and personnel to develop these games for casinos. In fact, there aren’t a lot of companies that make money off of developing them. Most casinos have contracts with these developers and they supply games to these casinos according to said contract. Most notably these companies come from Europe and more specifically, countries where you have a competent labor force but significantly lower wages than most of the Western world.

Payout rates vary

Think about this from the viewpoint of the casino. Why should they purchase a license for a slot machine or casino games if they don’t make any money from it? They shouldn’t. This is why casino slot machines have a factor called payout rate. All of the games are programmed to follow this payout rate meaning that the individual outcome of a single game might not be affected but in the long-term, a threshold of profitability will be obeyed.

Payout rates for slots vary from around 88% all the way to a solid 98%. Subtract these numbers from 100% and you have the house edge. The higher it is (house edge), the worse odds you get. There is almost no way for the player to know these odds when playing, but you just have to assume it’s around 5%.

They’re prohibited in many countries

Casino games online are quite often prohibited and banned. In some countries, the legality is very strange, because you have real-world casinos whilst online playing is banned. Before you start playing, make sure you are aware of the rules and regulations in your country. In case it’s banned, you can make use of VPN technology and changing your DNS settings but that’s going to restrict you from earning bonuses and if you do get lucky, your local tax inspectorate might get suspicious.

Most of these games are based on old card games

You should know that the game developers aren’t inventing the wheel. They’re just re-packaging some efficient mathematical models that have already been around. Most of the games themselves are either alternate versions of one another or just replicas of old games. This is why there are just a handful of developers around.

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