In this article, we will solely dedicate our focus to the online casino game of live roulette. We will cover the main features of this game (e.g. what can you expect to find in different online casinos) as well as the most common bonuses, handed out by parlors to players. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the world of online live roulette and get underway!

Uniclub’s site – was used to test out the games.

Live online roulette dealer – is it the same as regular roulette?

In general, the roulette you can find in real-life casinos, as well as the one you can play at home, with a real roulette table, is the same game that is available online. The main difference is the medium, in which the game exists. One is virtual whilst the other is physical.

In live roulette games (they are different from regular online roulette) because you have a dealer. There is a live game going on with a real dealer sitting at the table and accepting virtual bets via a casino or betting site. There is a time limit (which the dealer announces) for you to place the bets. Once you’ve done that, betting closes and the ball is rolled. The dealer plays in front of the camera live, whilst the stream is shown to a lot of players all over the globe. You play virtually, but you see the dealer in front of you, making for a unique experience!

Are there any bonuses for online live roulette? 

Pretty much every player wants to get bonuses. Both new and returning players are always eager to get bonuses for their first-time deposits or continuous playing efforts, respectively. But is live casino a game where you can expect bonuses? Yes, but only in an indirect way.

Most commonly, live roulette games are housed in betting and casino websites. They are usually giving out bonuses for either slots or just general cash bonuses, hence live roulette-only or live roulette-specific bonuses are quite rare.

With that being said, a lot of mobile and online casinos offer a broad range of bonuses that can be utilized for the play of live roulette.

There are the cash bonuses, of course. These are granted in the form of cash or token credits which can be exchanged for play at various games, including live games like live roulette. The free play bonus is similar in the sense that it enables players to play without spending money but whereas with the cash bonus you get to play for real money (which is given to you), here, you play with virtual money, so you wouldn’t be able to get any winnings from it.

Keep in mind that you have a wagering limit (e.g. 20x, 35x, 50x). This figure indicates how much times you have to play your bonus in order to be able to withdraw any winnings. For example with a 20x wagering limit, you’d need to play 100$ bonus cash by placing 2000$ worth of bets. If there is any money left after placing that many bets, you’ll be able to withdraw.

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