When you set out to play the slot machines you want to do your part to ensure that you are well educated on as many aspects of them as possible. This means that you should become familiar with the slot machine terminology so you have a better idea of what the slot machines offer since you will have a better understanding of how they work. Here are some of the common terms you will hear or see when you are playing them or learning about them:

Progressive Jackpot: A progressive jackpot is a jackpot in which a percentage of all the money wagered on it gets added to the jackpot. It will become larger and larger as more bets are placed on it until it is finally won by some lucky player.

Payback Percentage: The payback percentage is the amount of cash that will eventually get paid back to the player. It is important to understand that this is not the amount the player will get back in a certain amount of times or by a certain amount of spins. Rather, this is the amount the player can expect to see back after a relatively long period of time, such as after thousands of spins. You should also realize that this percentage applies to all the money run through it and not just your own personal money.

Slot terminology

Random Number Generators (RNG): The slot machines all have computer chips in them which select numbers at random. These are known as random number generators and the online slots games are run with the use of RNG’s as well. The random number generators ensure that the slot machine hit completely at random and validates the fact that the slot machine hit at complete random.

Classic Slots: The classic slots are the three reel slot machines. They generally have anywhere from a single pay line up to five. The classic slots games are simpler in design but still have a huge following of loyal players.

Video Slots: video slots are a bit more complex than the classic slots. However, they tend to have a lot more features for players to enjoy. The video slots come in many different themes and give the players a lot more options such as pay lines, denominations, bonuses, etc. The video slots also tend to have a lot of other features such as free spins and random jackpots that the players enjoy.

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