For an online casino experience that’s a little different and extra thrilling, try variety of live casino games and enjoy the very best in modern online entertainment. Using the skills and knowledge of a real professional dealer, live-streamed direct to your computer in real time, this is the most engaging and sociable casino experience you will find on the internet.

Using state-of-the-art video technology, and the very best in online casino games design, you can play your favourite games in live casino via your computer and watch as the dealer runs the game, discusses the result, provides in-game commentary and interacts with you via chat. You also get the chance to see your name in lights on the leaderboard! Live games that you can play  include Live Roulette, Casino Hold’em, Live Baccarat and Live Blackjack. By visiting Online Casino DB, you will be able to see which online casinos are popular today and most importantly, give you best bonuses!

Game types and rules

This is an overview of some of most popular online live casino games, to help you get started at the tables and enjoy everything live games have to offer.

Live Blackjack: This is an exciting variant for players who like more interaction with the dealer and other players. Play Live Blackjack game if you would like your cards to be dealt by a real dealer, with increased in-game information and all the action streamed via video link to your computer in real time using the very best in technology. Use your computer to place your bets, and then watch the dealer in action. Give the dealer further commands via your computer and see whether you can get your name on the leaderboard.

Live Roulette: Use the games software to place your bets, and then watch your live-streamed video as the dealer spins a real roulette wheel, announces the result and gives lots of in-game information. Learn more about playing patterns and statistics than during your regular online games, and enjoy the extra interaction with your dealer via Live Roulette chat facilities. A great choice for players looking for a more sociable online roulette game.

Live Casino Hold’em: A fast-paced simplified poker game, the aim of Live Casino Hold‘em is to combine your pocket cards with the flop to try and beat the dealer’s hand. You pay an ante, receive your cards and make a call bet if you think your hand is good enough (based on standard poker hand hierarchy). If your hand is the better of the two, you win the round, with payouts dependent on your hand.

Live Baccarat: The only game where you can lose your hand and still win, Live Baccarat combines the fast-paced action of the traditional casino game with the knowledge and skills of a real live dealer. Bet on the banker, your own hand or a tie, then watch as the dealer deals the cards and the outcome reveals itself – you also benefit from leaderboards, extra in-game chat from the dealer and the chance to talk via the real time chat facility.


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