Becoming a good poker player requires more than just understanding the basics of the rules, one must also understand the many slang terms used in poker to fully understand much of the strategy and techniques that are talked about on sites such as this one, here is a comprehensive list of all the slang terms you will come across when reading and talking to others about poker.

What are blinds?

These are the bets that people are forced to place, the player to the left of the dealer must place a small blind and the player after that person must place a big blind. The small blind is half of the big blind.

What are the Board Cards?

The board cards are the cards that are placed in the center of the table, shared and used to create hands by all players.

What is a Draw?

A draw refers to the hope that you may better your hand upon getting certain cards on the rest of the unseen board. For example a person with a 7 and an 8 in their hand faced with a 6 and a 9 on the board would be looking for a straight draw (either a 5 or a 10) or a person with two of the same suit and two of the same suit on the board would be looking for a flush draw.

What is the Flop?

This is the first three cards that are laid down on the board in Texas Hold’em.

What is Limit Poker?

This is Texas Hold’em played with fixed bets. I.e. in a £1/£2 limit poker game all bets and raises would be made in $1 increments in the first couple of rounds (in the pre-flop and flop) and then $2 in the second two rounds (in the turn and river).

What is Shorthand poker?

A shorthand poker game is one that consists of 6 or less players.

What is Longhand poker?

A Longhand game is a poker game with 7 or more players.

What are Outs?

Outs are cards that can improve your current hand. For example if if you are going for a straight and have a 10 and 9 and there is a 7, 8 and Jack on the flop your out cards would be either a Queen or 6 to help you get a straight giving you a total of 8 out cards.

What is Position?

Your position is basically just the spot in which you sit at the poker table, for example the dealer has the best position as he gets to bet last and is able to get a better idea of how everyone bets first before he must call, raise or fold.

What is the Preflop?

This is the betting round that takes place before the pre-flop based upon the two cards you receive initially.

What is the Turn?

The turn card is the fourth card to be placed on the board.

What is the River?

The river card is the final card that is placed on the board.

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