You only have to look at the increasing profitability and pleasing quarterly numbers of UK mobile casino groups to appreciate the growing popularity of mobile slots UK.

Not only are they showing gaming revenue gains but also increasing player deposits. This is clear evidence that these companies have been able to sustain the momentum of growth. Moreover, they are also optimistic about the future with some of them planning aggressive new game launches as well as expanding more into overseas markets such as Italy.

So what explains this phenomenon of rapid growth in mobile slots UK?

To start with, advancements in mobile technology and the introduction of smart phones have made it possible to have the casino come to you on your phone screen. You no longer have to visit a physical casino or take a holiday to a place where gambling is legally permissible.

You can thus indulge in gambling discreetly, spend nothing on travel and yet get the opportunity to make money along with the entertainment these games provide. Many of the popular mobile slots UK can be downloaded for free and therefore you do not need to spend money on that aspect as well.

When you sign up, you can try the games for free without paying any deposit. If you wish to play with real money, you can get mobile casinos to match the amount you are depositing and even exceed it by three times.

Now before you get carried away about the ease of gambling on your mobile, you should know that when you have an iPhone or an Android powered model phone, you would have access to a much larger choice of games. This is not to say that a Blackberry or a Windows mobile phone would not be sufficient enough.

What about the operating system of these mobile slots UK then?

The mobile or tablet operating system remains the main factor that would enable you to play the mobile slots UK games you want. Unlike the singular Windows OS on a conventional desktop or laptop PC, mobile phones have four different platforms and if you take the Nokia Symbian OS into account (getting phased out), you have five of them. Each of these has different apps on them that makes mobile casino gaming possible.

Let us take a quick look at each of them:

Android – provides a simple interface and has been pretty convenient for companies to develop mobile games applications that would play well on any handset model and tablet.

Apple iOS (iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch) – very sleek and at the same time simple to use. However, their persistence in not displaying sites that require the Adobe Flash Player and those needing Java remain an irritant. But thanks to the amazing speed of the operating system, you can play any of the casino apps effortlessly.

Blackberry OS – since only the BB phones would be able to use this, the chances of more and more mobile slots getting developed will depend on the continuing popularity of this OS. Currently however, there are a ton of casino games you can play on Blackberry.

Windows Phone 7 – till now a very popular and stable system. The expectation is that more games would be in the pipeline with more handsets on the way.

Once you have the mobile handset of your choice, you then need to check out the sites where real money is accepted for you to play the games with real money.

Indeed, the mobile revolution has enabled players to enjoy mobile slots UK games at any time and place. The super smooth touch screen and efficient operating systems have made playing these games a pleasure. Add compelling game content, varied themes, arresting sound effects and video graphics and you have the perfect setting to enjoy as well as earn out of your efforts.

Mobile slots game providers also offer superb customer service support and do accept major currencies through different deposit avenues such as PayPal, debit cards and so on. You can call them on toll free numbers to seek clarity on how to play a particular game or for other queries. The game content and themes are varied with very attractive jackpot prizes in cash and in kind.

New players get entry or welcome bonuses and since many of the mobile slots UK game providers develop their games in-house, they are able to offer free demo opportunities. The overall gaming experience is a wonderful one.

The mobile slots UK game market is here to stay and is only going to gather strength in future.

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