If you have a smartphone, there is a very high chance that you have got games on it. Even though there is a debate as to whether mobile gamers can be classed as hardcore gamers, it is quite clear that they are very much part of the gaming community. The market has a variety of games from retro games to mind puzzles to casual past-times.

Mobile games have been an escape and opportunity for people to stay connected to friends and family in a fun and convenient way to games consoles. Casinogenie.org have also introduced online games that are both entertaining and fun to play and have really good odds for winning real money. They have therefore grown a following of gamers from all walks of life and here is a least of a few leading mobile games to play in 2021.

8 ball Pool

A fun way to challenge your friends, enter tournaments, or take on the world in pool games.


A favourite classic card game that will keep you occupied for longer than you planned. An old favourite for many and it is not going away any time soon.


Bringing you the fun of gardening without having to get muddy! Gardenscapes enables you to challenge yourself to create amazing landscapes from anywhere.

Mario Kart Tour

This fun game has a multiplayer option so you can race your friends. It’s great for those that want to play Mario Kart without having to purchase a games console.

Pokémon Go

The best part of the Pokémon Go craze was its ability to get everyone outside, and Pokémon Go will soon be supported on the Pokémon Home app which will see its large number of fans continue to enjoy collecting Pokémon.

Game Pigeon

This mobile game is loaded with games like pool, poker and Connect4 and you can easily start a game with someone over iMessage.


A mobile-friendly platform enables you to play alongside your friends on your tablet or mobile phone. It is of course not as easy to play without a controller extension, however, it does not take away from the game.

Among Us

You follow your astronaut friends, working together to fix your spaceship.


One to keep your brain working through the day as you spell words as fast as you can master. It is not only a fun and challenging game, but it is also one to help boost your brain power and improve your spelling.

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