One of the top complaints we get from women is the fact that so many things in the online gambling space are geared towards men. They point out that men aren’t the only ones that want to actually play games. They point out that there are plenty of women that love casino games of all stripes, from poker to blackjack all the way up to bingo. And you ladies are absolutely right — it’s time to do more for women than the industry has in the past. After all, women can’t just be trotted out to look hot and tempting at trade shows or any of that rubbish. it’s time that we highlight that regular, brilliant women play at the tables too — and their presence is just as worthy as a man’s, if not more so.

Women are taking over in terms of purchasing all across the board. In that vein, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are some new promotions popping up for women right now.


Indeed, this is a chance to get social, win real money, and ply at a game that doesn’t take a lot of challenge to really figure out. As long as you’re willing to get everything together, how can you fail when you really think about it? Don’t think for a second that you’re not going to be bored. Plenty of women are going to be logging on to play bingo with you, which means that there are loads of opportunities to make some new friends.

Why stay all by yourself, going from one day to the next and being absolutely bored to tears? It would make a lot more sense to go online and win some real money at the bingo hall. The current promotion focuses on 90 ball bingo, which is definitely a good thing. This format of bingo means that you’ll have plenty of balls being called, which gives you a chance to actually bingo.

Of course, you can’t win if you don’t play, so get on out there and play — what do you really have to lose?

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