With recent statistics showing that more than half of adults now own a smart phone and a surprisingly large proportion of them gamble on it, it’s a wonder that people even go to land-based casinos anymore.

Safe and Secure?

When mobile casinos first launched many players were cautious and, to an extent, suspicious of the safety and security the virtual gambling world offered them. However, the technological advancements in the last decade or so mean that gambling online is safer than ever.

In comparison more people are expressing a distrust of brick and mortar casinos. The security within the building is usually intimidating rather than reassuring, aimed at securing the casino’s own finances rather than ensuring the protection of the customers.


Burning a hole in your pocket

The online world of gambling certainly trumps the buildings in terms of money saving tactics. Yes, brick and mortar casinos often offer sign up bonuses and free bets, but that don’t even begin to challenge the welcome packages players can get online. Not only that, but online casinos give you more regular reload bonuses as a part of your gaming experience which real-life casinos don’t really offer.

On the go

In recent years mobile casinos have rocketed in popularity and more than ever people are opting for a spin on the go rather than toddling off to their local casino. Mobile slot games from mobile casinos offer a level of flexibility that a land-based casino could never compete with.

Where’s your head at?

When you’re gambling in the comfort of your own home it’s much easier to control your budget and keep your head. It’s always advisable to set yourself limits and keep to them by whatever means necessary but when you’re in a land-based casino is much harder to not get carried away with the buzz of the building.

So why do people still go?

The only thing that land-based casinos have over online is the social aspect of gambling. Gambling on your mobile or computer is a fairly solitary experience whereas going to a casino with a couple of friends is a great night out. However, online casinos are in the process of the working on this, and features such as chat boxes and group orientated events are beginning to change the way we think about online gambling.

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