The progressive jackpot is one issue on which online gamblers focus because an Internet-based casino that offers a progressive jackpot quickly increases everyone’s chances of winning big money. But not many people understand the true opportunities and risks of progressive jackpots.

The Increasing Value of the Jackpot

When playing a progressive jackpot game, the most important aspect to remember is that the jackpot’s value grows with each game play. Usually, the jackpot games are linked together so every player can contribute at the same time and the total jackpot is tracked with a counter. The only way to win a jackpot is get the right poker hand or slots combination. Once a jackpot is won, the counter starts over. There is also another type of jackpot called a random jackpot. This jackpot can be won at the end of a game whether or not the player wins the round. Most experienced gamblers stay away from random jackpot games because they feel winning them relies on only luck.

The Positive Expectation of Progressive Jackpots

The way you approach a game influences the odds of winning at a progressive jackpot game. Seasoned players who utilize well-developed strategies tend to play progressive jackpots using a method called advantage play. With advantage play, bets are made only when a progressive jackpot game gives the player a positive expectation. A positive expectation is basically an occurrence that happens when a casino’s edge is reduced, giving the player superior odds. The jackpot’s calculation is determined by the point where the player breaks even and where that point is in relation to the jackpot. If you are experiencing a positive expectation, you have an advantage over the casino, which is rare. However, keep in mind that this comes at a price and it is the monetary contributions made by others to the jackpot that gives you the advantage.

Jackpot Hunters

A lot of players like to form teams that play in shifts in order to make a positive expectation for winning at progressive jackpots. This practice is most certainly controversial. These teams will use their strength in numbers to take single players out of the jackpot running. Because of this non-democratic approach to gambling, most casinos have a policy of no team play and will not tolerate those who break that rule. Of course, this is only one issue of which you should be aware while pursuing those huge jackpots. The best way to reach success is to know all of the game’s possibilities.

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