The game of poker is extremely popular and this popularity is growing all the time, especially with the high tech advancements the game has under gone in recent years.

Poker not only challenges the players, it is also a matter of strategy and those that are good at bluffing can often win big if they play their cards right! Many of the top name players and famous players have been able to make a big salary with this game due to their instincts and skill.

The ten most famous players when it comes to poker are Erick Lindgren. Eric Seidel, Howard Lederer, John Juanda, Phil Gordon, Mike Matusow, Jennifer Harmen, Chris Ferguson, Antonio Esfandiari and Annie Duke.

All of the above players have different strategies and different skills, which they use to win it big. Chris Ferguson has a degree in computer science but instead of opting to take this degree further he decided to play poker instead and it most certainly wasn’t a bad decision!

Erick Lindgren is another player that makes a fortune in the gaming industry; he always makes extreme efforts to play better by observing the other players with great care. This allows him to analyse the situation in order to determine if he is in with a chance of cashing in on the jackpot.

Howard Lederer is so good at this game that he has been given the title the ‘professor’ of poker. His sister, Annie Duke, is also a great player and has major sponsors in the industry.

John Juanda is another player that has sacrificed another career in order to enter the gaming world, originally he wanted to be a top medic, however, the game of poker won him over and now he is a world class player.

Jennifer Harman is the girl to watch if you are a Texas Hold’em fan, she is one of the existing female players to turn pro and start playing for big cash.

There are plenty of different ways to play poker at online casinos and lots of different places to play it. Some of the best casino sites provides a great service of finding different poker sites, as well as other casino sites. You can have a look at what is on offer, and take your pick of what you can see and try to emulate some of these big players of the game.

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