The ultimate purpose of entertainment is to leave behind all of our cares and concerns, embracing a brighter future in the long run. The idea of working until you fall over probably isn’t your cup of tea anyway. Why work that hard, when life is for living? We can’t help that we have to go out and work all the time, so we have to leave time to have fun sooner or later. If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you already know that we prefer sometimes to stay in and just play some games online. After all, how you can beat having a 30 second walk to your fridge? You don’t have to spend anything extra on food! 🙂

We talked a bunch about slots, but it’s time to reveal our other great gambling activity: blackjack. A friend of ours actually came by the office to complain that blackjack was too slow and tame. We were shocked, because that’s not the game of blackjack that we know and enjoy.


You see, blackjack is all about shaving down the house advantage through great play. Beginner blackjack players end up getting sloppy, thinking that they’re the exception to the rule. Longtime veterans of the game know better, and strive to perfect their strategy as much as possible.

If you’re looking for a new place to play blackjack, you can’t go wrong with NetBet. We’ve played blackjack in different casinos, and we find that NetBet brings an interesting experience to the table. You have full color and sound, along with dealers that can really keep you challenged.

You can check out NetBet over here at Don’t worry about trying to show up early or late, because it doesn’t matter when you play. There’s always something exciting going on. You may even find that you’re tired of playing blackjack, and want to move to a different game. They have so many other games on there that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be bored. So please, if you’re in the mood to have some fun, check into blackjack first and then see what else is in store for you!

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