What poker games are the most popular?

Poker is one of the biggest casino games available to play and one that is widely enjoyed by punters all over the world. There are many different poker games, but some are more popular than others with a variety of different reasons helping to explain why this is the case, with factors including the number of players required, the level […]

Why Online Poker Has Become So Popular During Recent Times?

Online gambling has always been a popular format of online entertainment ever since it burst onto the scene when it was first introduced to the internet a couple of decades ago. One sub-sector of the gambling industry that has been creating some serious traction in recent times though is the online poker world, we have become one of the powerhouses […]

Top 5 Casino Books to Help You Beat the House!

Whether you are a regular at brick-and-mortar casinos or you prefer the online world, luck will only get you so far in gambling. Want to enter the league of the greatest casino gamblers? You’ll need to do your homework. Thankfully, the gambling world is full of acclaimed authors who offer some of the best advice and strategies to their readers – […]

Multi Table Tournaments: Typical Beginner Mistakes

Quite a lot of people who have never played real poker let themselves get fooled by the illusions of the gameplay that they see in the movies. You can see four of a kind being well beaten by a royal flush, a brave movie character bluffing their enemies and opponents at the table. Yes, this looks fairly attractive, but it’s […]

Texas Hold’em: the Ace of Poker Games

Although there are many variations of poker, only one variant is the gold standard of poker: Texas Hold’em. This is the game that you’ll see in the top tournaments, and it’s the game that true poker aficionados know and love. When you’re just starting out and trying to work your way up, play Texas Hold’em poker games and leave the […]

The Best Reason to Play Online Poker Yet

While everyone’s talking about spring and the chance to go out, we’re thinking about staying inside to play some more poker. No, we’re not trying to be the antisocial type that never wants to go out anywhere. We’re just thinking that it might be a good idea to play more poker. If you needed a new reason to play poker, […]

Online Poker Slang and Jargon

Becoming a good poker player requires more than just understanding the basics of the rules, one must also understand the many slang terms used in poker to fully understand much of the strategy and techniques that are talked about on sites such as this one, here is a comprehensive list of all the slang terms you will come across when […]

Best Ways to Avoid the Poker ‘Tilt’

A common phrase that you will hear around the casino is something called the ‘poker tilt’. It refers to a player’s inability to remain rational and not get emotionally involved in the game, whether they are stressed, angry or completely depressed. This then leads to bad decision making and eventually bad poker playing. It is not unusual for many players […]

Rakeback is Your Friend – Find Out More Now!

Poker is about making money, but you are also resigning yourself to the reality that the poker rooms are making money too. Rake is how they make money — it’s a small fee taken out of every single pot. This is usually 5%. Now, at micro stakes, this isn’t too bad. But if you’re starting to play bigger stakes, then […]

What Type of Poker Player Are You, Really

Poker is all about skill, even though there’s an element of luck. A lot of newcomers focus on the luck and ignore the skill, causing them to get typecast as donks, fish, and everything in between. You need to make sure that you are watching for the various types of players in poker. If you have any dream of becoming […]